• Weighing in on Juvenile Justice

    New York City needs an independent body to oversee and monitor facilities that house young people accused of or found guilty of breaking the law, Columbia Law School Clinical Professor Jane M. Spinak writes in City Limits.

    Weighing in on Juvenile Justice
  • Rethinking M&A in Japan

    Professor Curtis J. Milhaupt, director of the Center for Japanese Legal Studies, convened a symposium with scholars and business leaders to explore the evolution of mergers and acquisitions in Japan.

    Rethinking M&A in Japan
  • From the Magazine

    Lizzie Gomez

    As a summer associate in Buenos Aires, Lizzie Gomez '14 immersed herself in a world of cross-border transactions, capital markets, and joint ventures. But one of the most valuable lessons she took away from her experience was how much she could learn in a tight-knit, hands-on environment.

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