Center Papers

Center Papers

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  1. The Bustle of Horses on a Ship: Drug Control in New York City Housing.
    Authors: Jeffrey Fagan, Garth Davies, Jan Holland.

  2. Street Stops and Broken Windows: Terry, Race, and Disorder in New York City.
    Authors: Jeffrey Fagan, Garth Davies.

  3. The Comparative Advantage of Juvenile Versus Criminal Court Sanctions on Recidivism among Adolescent Felony Offenders.
    Author: Jeffrey Fagan.

  4. The Reciprocal Effects of Crime and Incarceration in New York City Neighborhoods.
    Authors: Jeffrey Fagan, Valery West, Jan Holland.

  5. An Analysis of the NYPD's Stop-and-Frisk Policy in the Context of Claims of Racial Bias.
    Authors: Andrew Gelman.Alex Kiss,  Jeffrey Fagan

  6. Legal Socialization of Children and Adolescents.
    Authors: Jeffrey Fagan, Tom Tyler.

  7. The Natural History of Neighborhood Violence.
    Authors: Jeffrey Fagan, Garth Davies.

  8. Atkins, Adolescents, and the Maturity Hueristic Rationales for Categorical Exemption for Juveniles for Capital Punishment
    Author: Jeffrey Fagan.