Faculty & Staff

Center Faculty & Staff

Harold Edgar: Co-Director
Julius Silver Professor in Law, Science, and Technology, Columbia Law School. Professor Edgar has taught in diverse areas, including constitutional law, contracts, criminal law, and law and science. His principal current interests are law and technology, and law and medicine. In additional, Professor Edgar co-teaches with Center Co-Director Debra Livingston the Center offering, Legal Issues in the War on Terror. 

Jeffrey Fagan:  Co-Director, Director of Research.
Professor of Law and Public Health, Columbia Law School. Professor Fagan has taught a wide array of courses that include juvenile justice, criminal justice and criminology,  and drugs, law and policy. His current research examines community courts and community justice, social contagion of violence, deterrent effects of capital punishment, the jurisprudence of adolescent crime, crime control and social effects of mass incarceration, and perceptions of legitimacy of criminal law. 

Debra Livingston: Co-Director 
Vice Dean and Paul J. Kellner Professor of Law, Columbia Law School. Professor Livingston's principal areas of teaching are in criminal law and procedure and evidence. She co-teaches the Columbia Law School's seminar, Legal Issues in the War on Terror, with Professor Harold Edgar.

James S. Liebman
Simon H. Rifkind Professor of Law, Columbia Law School. Professor Liebman's principal areas of interest and teaching are criminal law, evidence, ethics, habeas corpus, the death penalty, equality and equal protection, public interest advocacy, and education and the law.

Gerard E. Lynch
Paul J. Kellner Professor of Law, Columbia.Law School; United States District Judge, Southern District of New York. Professor Lynch's principal teaching and research areas include criminal law and procedure, sentencing, and professional responsibility. He has published and lectured on the federal racketeering laws, sentencing, plea bargaining and other aspects of criminal law, constitutional theory, and legal ethics.