The Patriot Act: Keep It, Change It, or Toss It?

The Patriot Act: Keep It, Change It, or Toss It?

April 12, 2004

The Patriot Act Symposium was a two-hour roundtable discussion of the Patriot Act held at Columbia Law School and hosted by the Center (and, in particular, its national security proseminar), The National Law Journal, The Randolph Speakers Fund, and The Criminal Law and Public Policy Society. Topics included the Act's surveillance provisions, including the so-called "sneak and peak" warrants that allow law enforcement to search homes without advance notice; the sharing of information between law enforcement and intellegence agencies; orders for information held by nonsuspect, such as libraries; and the prohibition on third parties from disclosing that they have turned over information to the authorities. Additional topics included the proposed SAFE Act. Approximately two hundred people participated and the discussion was broadcast on the World Wide Web.

Panelists included Ann Beeson: Associate Legal Director, American Civil Liberties Union; Mathew Berry: Senior Counsel, Office of Legal Policy, Department of Justice; Nancy Chang Senior Litigation Attorney, Center for Constitutional Rights; Robert Cleary: Partner, Proskauer Rose, New York, NY.; Former U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey; Alice Fisher: Partner, Latham & Watkins, Washington, D.C.; Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division, Department of Justice; David Sobel: General Counsel, Electronic Privacy Information Center. Moderators included Marcia Coyle: Washington Bureau Chief, National Law Journal; and Debra Livingston: Columbia Law Professor and Center Co-Director.

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