Jay Butler
Academic Fellow and Kellis E. Parker Teaching Fellow
J.D., Yale, 2011; B.A., Oxford, 2008; B.A., Harvard, 2006
Adi Leibovitch
Academic Fellow
J.S.D., University of Chicago Law School, 2016 (expected); LL.M., University of Chicago Law School, 2011; M.A., Tel-Aviv University School of Public Policy, summa cum laude, 2009; M.B.A, Hebrew University of Jerusalem School of Business Administration, magna cum laude, 2007; LL.B., Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Law, magna cum laude, 2005
Anna Lvovsky
Academic Fellow
Ph.D., History of American Civilization, Harvard University, 2015; J.D., Harvard Law School, 2013; B.A., Literature and Intellectual History, Yale University, 2007