Intellectual Property at Columbia Law School -- Fa


> Studying IP Law in a World Media Capital
With the hiring of three new IP law professors, Columbia sends a signal that it will continue to play a significant role in the development of laws and regulations that govern the world's marketplace of ideas. 

> Columbia's IP Alumni
Columbia students have had the chance to take IP courses since Professor John Kernochan's 1966-67 seminar on copyright law, which focused on "recent technological advances" - such as the photocopying machine.

> Alumni Forum: Columbia Law School's Alumni Adjuncts
Adjunct professors play an important role at Columbia Law School, which was highlighted in Dean David Schizer's welcome to 1Ls: "We bring the world into the classroom, and classrooms into the world."

> Leadership in Legal Education
The achievements of faculty, students, and administrators.

> In This Issue: Faculty Books
New titles by Professors Kent Greenawalt and Robert E. Scott.

> In This Issue: Books by Columbia Law School Graduates