Curriculum: A Survey of CLS's Expanding Curriculum

A Survey of Columbia Law School's Expanding Curriculum


In the early days at Columbia Law School, the student body took courses called Medical Jurisprudence and Punishment. Today, options span from Legal Aspects of Organ Transplantation to Internet and Computer Crimes to clinics in children's rights and environmental law. Undergirding a Columbia Law education was and is a solid foundation in legal knowledge.

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The Class of 1998: Classes, Careers, Choices

If you graduated 15 or more years ago, you might have little idea of what classes and seminars current students are taking. Sure, the first-year curriculum still requires Criminal Law and no one leaves Morningside Heights without a dose of Contracts and Torts. But did you know that 1Ls must take Foundations of the Regulatory State and Perspectives on Contemporary Legal Thought, which covers significant movements in modern day law?

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