Jack Coffee Corporate Gatekeeper

> Jack Coffee, Corporate Gatekeeper
Business law professor John C. Coffee, Jr., has taught at the Law School for more than 25 years. Regularly cited by the courts and quoted in the press, he teaches his students something beyond codes, case holdings, and a healthy fear of the S.E.C.

> Columbia Celebrates the Human Rights Legacy of Louis Henkin
Dubbed "the father of human rights," University Professor Emeritus Louis Henkin has created the study of the subject and established centers at Columbia to train new experts. His pioneering work has shed the first light on the links between international and constitutional law and, in turn, shaped foreign policy. Prof. Henkin's 50-year affiliation with Columbia was celebrated this past fall.

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Columbia faculty write cutting-edge articles in leading academic journals; they also engage with important issues covered in the national media and in other venues.

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The achievements of faculty, students, and administrators.

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New titles by Professors Robert Ferguson, Victor Goldberg, John Fabian Witt, and others.

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