Environmental Law at Columbia Law School

Environmental Law at Columbia

Columbia Law School became a leader in the study of environmental law in the 1970s and has hardly rested on its past achievements. Today, the School boasts of faculty teaching cutting-edge regulatory approaches to the subject, as well as a new clinic that provides the teaching of lawyering skills in the context of pursuing real cases. 

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Five New Faces: The Law School's Newest Faculty Members

The competition among law schools for the best faculty members is stiff, and Columbia continues to attract gifted scholars and teachers. Following are portraits of five new professors who bring a wide range of expertise to the faculty, from comparative law to tax law to American legal history.

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September 11, 2001: Columbia Law School Responds

Early on the morning of September 11, Columbia Law School students began taking their seats in classrooms, opening textbooks, and readying their pens and laptops. For most, it was only the second week of regular classes, a time still perhaps for deciding which courses to take or, for first-year students, getting used to the new language of law. A bright and warm fall morning, it seemed a day like many others...

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