Legal History at Columbia Law School

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Message From the Dean
"As a law student, nothing interested me less than the historical development of the writ system and its emergence into the modern law of torts..."
Dean David W. Leebron

Legal History at Columbia Law School
By Susan L. Wampler
In the past two decades, American law schools have strengthened their legal history curricula and faculty. Columbia Law School, which offered legal history long before its peers, is renewing its commitment to this endeavor.
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Thinking Historically about American Accident Law
By Professor John Fabian Witt
How do we account for the peculiar features of American accident law? Make no mistake, our accident law is peculiar, as recent developments make abundantly clear...

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Faculty Profiles of Columbia Law School's Legal History Faculty:
By Katherine Towler

Barbara Aronstein Black
George Welwood Murray Professory of Legal History

Ariela Dubler

John Witt

Robert A. Ferguson
George Edward Woodberry Professory in Law, Literature, and Criticism

The Diamond Library: an array of resources for legal historians
Legal historians can't pursue their work without the texts and documents generated by governments, lawyers, and any persons who have had a brush with the law. If the historian is setting cases in context by examining social and economic issues of the time as well as the legal ones, she will need to consult a variety of sources, many of them non-legal. At that point, the Diamond Law Library is called in for assistance and suggestions.
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