Beyond the Casebook

The Problem with Attorney-Client Privilege

Last year the former Oklahoma governor Frank Keating resigned as head of a commission appointed to look into the sexual-abuse crisis in the Catholic Church, because some bishops were refusing to provide information the commission requested. Why would the Church, having appointed such a panel, deny it access to relevant information? Because, Keating explained, the uncooperative bishops had "turned to their lawyers when they should have looked into their hearts." Although most Catholics favor "transparency" in this crisis, another commission member explained, "the attorneys for a diocese do not think that way." Back to top

Professors Raskolnikov and Goshen Join the CLS Faculty

Hiring new faculty is a primary goal for Dean David Schizer. Not only are new professors needed to replace retiring faculty members, but also to reduce the student/faculty ratio. "I want to offer students more intense interactions with the faculty," he says. To that end, meet the two newest Law School professors, who have brought experience and a love for teaching to their classrooms. Back to top